Sunday, October 1, 2017

Mormons are Dumb

I have reached the point where I don’t think the church is true anymore. Now when I see any Facebook post about the church by any of my Mormon friends I just say to myself, “Mormons are SO dumb.” You never realize how dumb it all is until you distance yourself from it and suddenly everything about Mormons is just so stupid.

Like that video of the lesbians that got divorced to join the church and members are just flaunting it as such a wonderful faith promoting video. DUMB. Or the inspiring story of Tom Christofferson leaving his partner of 20+ years to rejoin the church. DUMB. Or all the unfortunate gay members who still cling to the church and defend it even though it makes them miserable. DUMB. 

I love reading the comments on those kind of posts because they are so full of the dumbest Mormons ever who are so oblivious to how dumb they are. I saw this one members comments that were so antigay. He believed that gay people were just the ultimate sinners and were the scourge of the earth. I couldn’t believe how little sympathy he had and yet he is qualified to be one of the youth leaders of a gay youth, but a gay person isn't just because they are gay! I Facebook stalked him a little and saw a picture of his family. I half wished one of his sons would turn out gay so he would have to deal with a real gay person in his life but, he seems like the kind of person that would kick them out on the street if they were. I can hardly believe there are still members that are like that.

I read some other comments by a gay member who was trying to use his status as gay to lend credibility to his defense of the church, but believe it or not he was so dumb too. It is unfortunate because people like that just try to make themselves feel good by acting like they are the good gays who do what is right and don’t give in to their evil desires. It especially irks me because he acted like ex gay members are so weak because they can’t go without having sex like he can. I hate when people try to make that argument that being gay is only about sex and completely ignore things like romance, intimacy, companionship, and love. 

Gay issues are not the only things that drive me crazy about active members. I just saw this video someone made of this really dramatic trailer for general conference ( ). It just kills me how Mormons eat that kind of thing up. It is just so dumb; I love to hate it. 

Another thing I saw recently was a Facebook post from one of my Mormon friends. It went something like this: “A lot of people ask me why I am so happy. Well is it is because...” and he proceeded to bare his testimony and post a link to the church's website. I just wanted to respond and say, actually you were just coached to say that since you were a little child and happiness has nothing to do with whether you are a member of the church or not. In fact the church makes many people’s lives miserable until they are finally able to shed all its nonsense and break free from it.  

Anyways, Mormons are dumb.


  1. Haha fun read. Pretty much everything you call dumb in here I have also recently called dumb. Nice to know I'm not alone.

    1. That's funny because when I read your recent post I also was relating to it, especially the part where you talk about how you love being gay and how fun it is. I think that to myself all the time. It's so fun to like guys haha

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